The Palo-Santo meditation bundle is a beautiful pack created to aid in the process of relaxation, calming the mind, letting go and assisting in cleansing rituals. 

The contents of our new pack are 100% natural including 3x wild harvested palo santo sticks, an organic mini smudge stick organically grown in California- USA, an amethyst cathedral elestial point crystal (from State of Bahia- Brazil) for spiritual protection against lower energies, purification from negativity and unwanted attachments and dried lavender sprigs for burning alongside the palo, aiding in soothing the mind and enhancing the relaxation experience.  


The pack also includes a booklet which tells the beautiful story of Palo Santo and why to this day it is considered one of the most holy woods in the world and includes a meditation ritual.


The bundle includes:

1x organic mini size white sage smudge stick 

3x palo santo sticks 10cm

1x amethyst cathedral elestial point crystal (size and shape of point may vary)

4x sprigs of lavender

1x ritual instruction booklet

Sold in re-usable white organza bag with product tag.

Palo Santo Meditation Bundle


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