✨This is our new “LOVE IS IN THE AIR” body & room mist 💖

✨This beautiful spray is 100% pure natural rose water infused with rose quartz 💕
✨It’s main purpose? 

Once you have cleansed your house, office or special area the energy within neutralizes so it’s a great time to fill the house with loving energy so that you create an energy base within your home that is love filled, you can do this in many ways such as by lighting a candle infused with rose quartz, placing rose quartz around the house, spraying rose water or by putting some fresh roses in a vase 💖 

We have created this spray by combining the benefits of both the rose water & rose quartz so that after cleansing you can simply spray each room & yourself with its loving energy properties & feel its love fill the air 💫💖

Love is in the Air - Body + Room Mist


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